In Katy, Eye test technology used for eye exams hasn’t been changed in decades, until now. Introducing the Clarifye Eye Exam! Katy Eye Professionals is excited bring this amazing new eye test technology to the people of Katy, TX. This is the new generation of eye exams. With Clarifye, our doctors can measure your prescription with amazing precision.

Clarifye is the digital eye exam that shows more than ever before. With Clarifye our Katy optometrists are able to map your unique eyes with digital precision, pinpointing an exact prescription for optimal vision. The exam measures 5x more optical characteristics about your visual system than traditional method, helping to identify conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes and other health issues, sooner than other diagnostic tools.  It can even detect differences in your day and night vision, helping you feel more confident when driving at night. No other eye exam is more precise than a Clarifye exam.

Clarifye Eye Test in Katy, tx


Traditional methods of obtaining a patient’s vision require the optometrist to use a device called a mechanical phoropter and asking the patient, “what’s better, number one or number two” to determine the patient’s prescription. This method relies on subjective choices, sometimes dozens. Clarifye helps take the guesswork out of your exam to give you a faster and more precise diagnosis.

With Clarifye, your digital eye exam precisely maps the curvature of your cornea, giving the doctor what is essentially a digital fingerprint of your eye. It does this with a device called called an aberrometer, which uses advanced wavefront technology to not only detect patients’ nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but also higher order aberrations, which can also cause visual problems such as glare and halo while driving at night. Next, the information from the aberrometer is transferred to our digital phoropter, which allows the doctor to fine tune your prescription to help ensure you have the best vision possible. If you’re looking for the best possible eye exam in Katy with the best possible visual results, look no further than Katy Eye professionals!


If you’ve ever sat through an eye exam with a child you know it can sometimes be a challenge. Now, with Clarife, you get a child-friendly exam that is quick and easy. This exam can even let your doctor show a side by side comparison of how your child is currently seeing vs. how it will look when corrected. Simple and amazing!


Simple…..RESULTS! We want our patients to have the best vision possible and sometime “old fashion” methods just aren’t optimal.

Some of the advantages of Clarifye include:

  • A faster more precise eye exam (No eye exam is more precise)
  • Initial digital measurements take only about 60 seconds
  • Can help uncover differences in your day and night vision
  • Provides a more comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision
  • Can detect conditions like cataracts, floaters, macular degeneration, etc. earlier than traditional exams
  • Provides a more precise contact lens fit
  • Provides a faster, more kid friendly eye exam

Though the human eyeball is only about an inch in diameter, it is one of the most complex organs in the body. Therefore, the more information we can collect during an exam, the better off we will be. Compared to a traditional exam, Clarify measures five times more optical characteristics about your entire visual system. This makes it easier to precisely customize a prescription and can even give you a better fit with contact lenses.

To learn more about Clarifye, call our Katy Optometry office today at (281) 394-7513.