Katy Contact Lens Fitting Room


Contact lens technology has come a long way since the days they first became a prevalent vision correction option. Nowadays they are more comfortable and convenient than ever before, and the selection of options and styles is extensive. There are contacts perfect for almost every individual’s unique vision needs and lifestyle.

At Katy Eye Professionals, we are passionate about finding the ideal contact lenses for our patients. Your anticipated frequency of use, work environment, recreational activities, and lifestyle will all be taken into consideration.

Our eye clinic uses advanced technology to ensure fit and comfort.

  • Spectral microscope – scans the cornea for any abnormalities in the tissue
  • Corneal topography –scans the front surface of the cornea and provides information on astigmatism and other irregularities that can be factored in when choosing the best lens
  • Anterior Segment Microscope – allows a close look at the fit of the lens onto the eye to ensure that the physiology of the lens on the eye is optimum

New to Contacts?

We use state of the art technology to ensure optimal fit and vision. Our friendly staff has extensive experience training people how to insert and remove their lenses and proper lens care.

Soft lens typically take about a week for your eyes to adjust to, whereas rigid lenses typically take a little longer.

Many contacts are easy to wear intermittently, such as for sports and special occasions. Single-use disposable lenses are incredibly convenient, easily interchanged with wearing glasses.

Contact Lens Selection

Our Katy eye care clinic has a large selection of contact lenses in stock for same day fitting and purchase.

Color Contacts – Many brands offer a line of assorted colors

Dailies – Perfect for patients with allergies, dry eyes, or those who don’t wish to hassle with cleaning their lenses every day.

Torics – For those with astigmatism

Bifocal contacts – Eliminate the need to wear bifocal glasses or progressive glasses

Gas permeable lenses – Achieve optimum vision with the most breathable lenses, often ideal for people who experience dry eyes.

We carry brands that are dedicated to the highest quality standards:

CibaVision – CIBA VISION has joined Alcon to globally offer a full spectrum of vision and eye care products.

CooperVision – CooperVision provides exceptionally comfortable daily disposable contacts featuring highly breathable lenses that are easy to insert and remove.

VistaKon – VISTAKON® is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and is a world leader in vision care. The Acuvue brand of high quality disposable contact lenses is very popular among patients and eye care professionals.

How Contact Lenses Correct Vision

In the case of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia, light is not focused properly on the retina (the layer of nerve endings in the back of the eye). When light is not focused properly on the retina it affects the clarity of vision. Contact lenses are optical medical devices designed to function as the initial optical element of the eye that, when combined with the optics of the eye, properly focuses light on the retina. The result is clear vision.